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What's Happening: What's Happening

Events at St. Stephen's AME Church

Our church is more than just Sunday prayers. There’s a whole lot happening with our community throughout the week. We hold frequent gatherings and events, with special get togethers for families, kids and new members.

Bible Lessons

Bible Study

We gather together to learn the Word of God.  Until further notice all Bible Study are on Zoom

Women's Day 2022.jpg
Women's Day 2022

Lady Wisdom,
Where Are You Today?

This Women’s Day event differed from the established paradigm. Each woman at St. Stephen’s shared a portion of the wisdom God has imparted to her.
She shared something she learned in this journey
called “Life”. Each Sister, regardless of age has revealed a little of God’s image in her spirit self that can only come from God.  Click the bulletin or picture to have a taste of that day. 


Historic Unionville Celebration

St. Stephens 150 Celebration.

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